Controlling Entry, Ensuring Safety


At NT Security, we understand that each customer’s security needs are unique. With our Access Control services, we tailor solutions that seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure, ensuring robust security and controlled access

Our Services

Our expert team will design, install, and configure an access control system that meets your specific requirements while providing comprehensive training and ongoing support. Trust NT Security to safeguard your facility with cutting-edge technology, reliable services, and unwavering commitment to your security goals.

System Design and Integration

Access Control providers like NT Security work closely with customers to understand their security requirements and design a comprehensive access control system. This involves identifying access points, selecting suitable hardware such as card readers or biometric scanners, and integrating the system with other security components like surveillance cameras and alarms.

Installation and Configuration

Our expert technicians will handle the installation of access control equipment, ensuring proper placement and wiring for optimal performance. They will also configure the system settings, define user access levels, and establish protocols for granting or revoking access privileges.

Access Credential Management

NT Security assists in managing access credentials, such as key cards, key fobs, or biometric data, ensuring they are securely issued to authorized individuals. We provide guidance on credential formats, encryption techniques, and help establish protocols for their distribution, replacement, and cancellation.

User Training and Support

We understand that proper user training is crucial for the effective use of access control systems. NT Security offers comprehensive training to system administrators and end-users, educating them on system operation, emergency procedures, and best practices to maintain a secure environment. Our support team is also available to address any technical issues or questions that may arise.

System Monitoring and Reporting

NT Security provides monitoring services to ensure the access control system operates smoothly and alerts administrators to any potential security breaches. We offer real-time monitoring, event logging, and detailed reports that provide valuable insights into system activity, access patterns, and potential vulnerabilities.

System Upgrades and Integration

As technology evolves and security needs change, NT Security assists customers in upgrading their access control systems to incorporate the latest advancements. We also ensure seamless integration with other security systems, such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, and visitor management solutions, to create a comprehensive and unified security ecosystem.

Maintenance and System Health Checks

Regular maintenance is essential to keep access control systems functioning optimally. NT Security offers scheduled maintenance visits, system health checks, and software updates to ensure ongoing reliability, efficiency, and compatibility with the latest security standards.

Consultation and Security Audits

NT Security provides expert consultation and security audits to assess the effectiveness of existing access control systems. We help identify vulnerabilities, recommend improvements, and develop strategies to enhance security levels and compliance with industry regulations.