Elevating Visual Experiences

AV Display Services

Display devices play a crucial role in audio-visual systems, enhancing the visual experience and enabling effective communication. NT Security specializes in providing a comprehensive range of display devices for audio-visual systems, ensuring exceptional quality and seamless integration.

Our Services

With NT Security’s display device services, you can trust us to deliver top-quality solutions that elevate your audio-visual experience. Our expertise in display technologies, precise installation, and integration capabilities ensure that your audio-visual system meets your specific needs, creating impactful visual presentations and enhancing communication in various environments.


High-Resolution LED/LCD Displays

We offer a wide selection of high-resolution LED and LCD displays, ranging from large video walls to individual screens. These displays provide vibrant colors, sharp images, and wide viewing angles, creating immersive visual experiences for presentations, digital signage, and collaborative environments.

Projection Systems

NT Security provides projection systems for larger-scale audio-visual setups. We offer a range of projectors, including standard and high-definition models, as well as ultra-short-throw and laser projectors, enabling versatile installation options and superior image projection for various applications.

Interactive Touchscreen Displays

Our interactive touchscreen displays empower engagement and collaboration. These displays come in various sizes and feature multi-touch capabilities, allowing users to interact with content, annotate, and participate in interactive presentations, training sessions, and collaborative meetings.

Video Walls

NT Security designs and installs impressive video wall solutions using high-resolution displays. Video walls provide a large canvas for showcasing content and create impactful visual displays for command centers, control rooms, retail environments, and public spaces.

Digital Signage Displays

We offer digital signage displays for dynamic content delivery in retail, corporate, and public environments. Our digital signage solutions include commercial-grade displays with built-in media players, content management systems, and remote management capabilities, enabling efficient and eye-catching advertising and information dissemination.

Display Mounting and Installation

Our team of experts ensures proper mounting and installation of display devices, taking into account factors such as optimal viewing angles, structural integrity, and cable management. We ensure that displays are securely installed and integrated into the audio-visual system, delivering a seamless and professional appearance.

Display Control and Integration

NT Security provides seamless integration of display devices into audio-visual control systems. We configure control interfaces, enabling centralized management and intuitive control of multiple displays, sources, and content distribution.