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Office Network Cabling Services

Effective communication and reliable connectivity are essential for any modern office environment. At NT Security, we specialize in providing comprehensive Office Network Cabling Services that lay the foundation for a robust and efficient network infrastructure. Our expert team of technicians and engineers is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique office connectivity needs.

Our Services

When it comes to office network cabling services, NT Security USA offers an extensive range of technical solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise covers various cabling options and advanced technologies to ensure a robust and efficient network infrastructure for your office.


We provide installation and maintenance services for different cabling types, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and 10Gig. These standards offer high-speed data transmission and reliable connectivity, allowing your business to handle demanding applications and network traffic effectively.

Fiber Optic Cabling

For superior speed, bandwidth, and long-distance connectivity, our fiber optic cabling solutions are an ideal choice. We deploy high-quality fiber optic cables to ensure minimal signal loss, enabling fast and reliable data transfer across your network.

Outside Plant Cabling

When your office requires cabling solutions beyond the building’s boundaries, our outside plant cabling services have you covered. We design and implement robust cabling systems that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide reliable connectivity between buildings or remote locations.

Voice Cabling

Our office network cabling services also include voice cabling solutions to support your telecommunications infrastructure. We ensure proper installation and termination of voice cables to facilitate clear and uninterrupted voice communication throughout your office.

Paging Systems

NT Security USA offers cost-effective overhead paging solutions to keep your employees and visitors informed in real-time. Our paging systems provide features such as bell schedules, background music, multi-zone/multi-building paging, building evacuation/lockdown, mass notification, and severe weather alerting.

Data Centers

For businesses with data center requirements, we provide specialized cabling services to ensure efficient and organized connectivity. Our experts design and implement structured cabling systems that support high-density server environments, enabling seamless data transmission and management.


If your office requires coaxial cabling for specific applications or devices, we have the expertise to install and maintain coaxial cables effectively. Coaxial cabling is commonly used for video surveillance systems, cable TV, and certain data transmission needs.


To protect and organize your cabling infrastructure, we offer conduit solutions. Conduits provide a secure pathway for cables, preventing damage and ensuring a neat and professional appearance. Our experts can design and install conduit systems tailored to your office’s specific needs.

Basket Tray / Ladder Rack

For efficient cable management, we offer basket tray and ladder rack solutions. These systems provide a sturdy framework for routing and supporting cables, ensuring proper organization, minimizing interference, and simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

Wireless/ In-Building Wireless

In addition to wired solutions, we specialize in wireless and in-building wireless installations. We design and deploy wireless networks to provide seamless connectivity throughout your office, enabling flexible and mobile access to data and resources.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) LED Lighting Systems

To enhance energy efficiency and provide integrated solutions, we offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED lighting systems. These systems leverage your existing network infrastructure to power and control LED lighting, reducing energy consumption and enabling smart lighting management.